Friday, October 2, 2015

Gas prices continue decline

David Kennard

PROVO -- Gas prices continued their decline today falling to an average of $2.59 per gallon in the Provo area.

Still, average prices in Utah and other Western states remain the highest in the nation. Drivers headed east and south will find lower prices, according to AAA.

The lowest prices for regular gas were in Alabama, Mississippi and New Jersey where prices fell below $2 per gallon.

"The national average price of gas in September was $2.34 per gallon, which was the lowest monthly average since February 2015, according to a statement by AAA. "By comparison, the average price of gas in September 2014 was $3.39 per gallon."

AAA estimated Thursday that consumers were spending about $350 million less per day on gasoline then they were a year ago.

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